Workshop AMI-ARCS 2004, held in conjunction with MICCAI'04
September 30th, 2004, Rennes (France).

Invited conferences

Augmented Reality in Medicine - The Visualisation System of the Future for Interventions? (abstract)
David Hawkes (King's College, London,, UK)

Augmented Reality in Medicine - relevant tool or cool gadget? (abstract)
Frank Sauer (Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, USA)

Session talks

Simulating Obstetric Forceps Delivery in an Augmented Environment
R. J. Lapeer, M. Chen, J. G. Villagrana

An Augmented Reality Delivery Simulator for Medical Training
T. Sielhorst, T. Obst, R. Burgkart, R. Riener, N. Navab

Physically-based Deformation of High-Resolution 3D Models for Augmented Reality based Medical Visualization
A. P. Santhanam, C. M. Fidopiastis, F. Hamza-lup, J. P. Rolland, C. Imielinska

Measuring myocardial motion changes in tagged MR to establish inverse electro-mechanical coupling for XMR-guided RF ablation
G. I. Sanchez-Ortiz, M. Sermesant, R. Chandrashekara, K. S. Rhode, R. Razavi, D. L.G. Hill, D. Rueckert

Implementation and Evaluation of an Augmented Reality System Supporting Minimal Invasive Interventions
B. Schwald, H. Seibert, M. Schnaider, S. Wesarg, S. Röddiger, S. Dogan

Automatic Calibration of an Head Mounted Display for Augmented Reality Applications in Computer Assisted Surgery
M. Figl, C. Ede, W. Birkfellner, J. Hummel, R. Seemann, H. Bergmann

Towards Markerless Augmented Medical Visualization
D. Trevisan, V. Nicolas, P. Delville, M. Cornet d'Elzius, B. Macq

Needle Insertion in CT Scanner with Image Overlay - Cadaver Studies
G. Fichtinger, A. Deguet, K. Masamune, E. Balogh, G. Fischer, H. Mathieu

An Augmented Reality System to Guide Liver Punctures
S. Nicolau, X. Pennec, L. Soler, N. Ayache, J. Marescaux

Extending the Sonic Flashlight to Real Time Tomographic Holography
A. Nowatzyk, D. Shelton, J. Galeotti, G. Stetten

Towards a Surgical Tool Using Hyperspectral Imagery as Visual Aid
S. T. Monteiro, Y. Kosugi, E. Watanabe